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Software Defined Radio USB dongle designed to be used with a Raspberry Pi and an antenna to create an ADS-B receiver that will allow you to track aircraft up to 250NM away. Using FlightAware’s open-source software you can receive data from either 1090 MHz or 978 UAT equipped aircraft and have it displayed in a web-based radar-like interface. 
  • 20dB Integrated amplifier which can increase your ADS-B range 20-100% more compared to other dongles
  • Requires FlightAware ADS-B Filter or modified dump1090 gain settings
  • Contains R820T2 and RTL2832U chips
  • USB powered, 5V @ 300mA

Customer Reviews

Based on 197 reviews
Scott Stevenson
Works perfectly!!

I wanted to add a UAT site at my home in Oshkosh, WI. I have a Flight Feeder that has been going strong for years but with AirVenture here, I wanted to capture data from small aircraft transponders. This should do the trick! I paired the stick with a FlightAware 978 (only) antenna and a Raspberry pi 4 B. Good stuff!!

Fun to have up and running

Pretty much plug n play. Have right connectors up front, uses SMA. As far as FlightAware, not too bad $. Higher priced antenna works best. Learning curve (for me) using Raspberry. Did have issues but customer service was excellent to help walk me thru.

Jeff Brenton
Much better than generic SDRs

Over the past week, I've been running tests on a Piaware station I built for remote mounting. Power over Ethernet to a Raspberry Pi 3B+, mounted in a water-resistant "cable TV" box attached the the pole with the antenna on top, and only a 1 meter cable to the radios. This station used Nano2 radios, and saw about 40% as much traffic as my "reference" station 20 feet away, which uses an Orange Pro Stick.Today, I swapped out the 1090 MHz Nano for an Orange Pro Stick. The range JUMPED. The test station now hears MORE stations than my reference station, attributable to having a 1 meter feed line instead of 10 meters. The tuned pre-amp in the FA radio makes a HUGE difference.I'm in an area where the filtering of the Blue Pro Stick might make a difference (multiple cell towers within a kilometer of the antenna), so maybe I'll play with adding a filter later. This is working well enough now that the Nano2 has been swapped out that I may just leave it alone.

Hermann W.
Feeding UAT 978 MHz ADS-B data to multiple tracker websites

I'm using this FlightAware Pro Stick ADS-B receiver (orange) to feed UAT 978 MHz, and also installed the FlightAware Pro Plus Stick ADS-B receiver (blue) 1090 MHz [ASIN:B01M7REJJW] into the same RPi.To connect both dongles to a single dual band antenna (ADS-B 978/1090 MHz antenna [ASIN:B089Q4BVCB]) I'm using a Y splitter SMA Female to 2X SMA Male pigtail cable [ASIN:B0744CQGS5] and a N Male to SMA Male Coax Cable [ASIN:B08TQN8GM7]. The FA ADS-B orange dongle is connected to a band-pass filter [ASIN:B010GBQXK8]. To be able to use two dongles in one RPi, I'm using the 6 inch USB 2.0 extension cable [ASIN:B01IG5XZHK]. For a temporaty antenna mounting solution you can use the Pyle Universal Speaker Tripod Stand Mount [ASIN:B005I2YL7I] or a Mannequin Head Stand, like [ASIN:B08BJLVP67].My setup is a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB with Argon One V2 case [ASIN:B07WP8WC3V], Besgoods 18W USB 2.4A power supply [ASIN:B07QK7PXZK], using PiAware on Raspbian Linux 5.0 disc image and also feeding FlightRadar24, ADSBexchange, RadarBox, OpenSKYNetwork and PlaneFinder.TECH TIP: If you plan to install both FlightAware sticks into the same RPi you will need to change the serial number by rewritting the eeprom. The dongles have the same serial number (00001000) and you will need to change one of them (or even both) to another number, so you can configure the receiver. Search Google for "How to Change Serial Number of Dongle".

Liz F.
Easy to use

Easy to connect to raspberry pi and antennae for a local ABS-B out receiver.