Pro Stick® Plus
Pro Stick® Plus
Pro Stick® Plus
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Pro Stick® Plus

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Software Defined Radio USB dongle designed to be used with a Raspberry Pi and an antenna to create an ADS-B receiver that will allow you to track aircraft up to 250NM away. Using FlightAware’s open-source software you can receive data from 1090 MHz equipped aircraft and have it displayed in a web-based radar-like interface. This SDR is similar to our Pro Stick product, but includes a 1090 MHz filter to make it ideal for tracking commercial aircraft.  
  • Builds on the popular Pro Stick by adding a built-in 1090 MHz bandpass filter
  • Increases range 10-20% over a Pro Stick in environments where filtering is beneficial
  • Over 30% less expensive then buying a Pro Stick v1.1 and an external filter

Customer Reviews

Based on 234 reviews
Michael P
Don't expect to receive your product

Ordered 19 days ago. Still hasn't made it to my house. Talked to customer service who have all been pretty unresponsive/unhelpful. Will probably be issuing a charge back because they seem to only want to email me back every 3 or 4 days without helping whatsoever.

William Paul
Raspberry Pi doesn’t work.

Unknown if antenna works.



Dirk Lambert

Performs as expected and was easy to setup.

Stephen Farmer
Workes better than the ADS-B Exchange Dongle

Guys, This is an honest review... I first purchased a 978 UAT dongle on Amazon from Radarbox and had issues with it. Yes, I could've got it to work with PiAware but why do that when Flight Aware has such awesome forums that tell you how to serialize your 1090 ADS-B and 978 UAT receivers to work with your PiAware. Long story short, I added another ADS-B Dongle to PiAware from ADS-B Exchange and it works but I have noticed that it's not as good. I don't care what any of you idoits say that like smelling their own farts about the dongles being the same. They are not. I have a Flight Aware 1090 MHz Antenna being fed into a wide band Type N 3 way splitter going out to several Raspberry Pi's running PiAware on them. After days of testing, it is clear that the Flight Aware Dongle (without the filter) is collecting more flight data than the ADS-B Exchange Dongle. Right now as I type, my Flight Aware Dongle is tracking 99 aircraft as to where my ADS-B 1090 MHz ADS-B Exchange Dongle is only tracking 76 aircraft. If you're on the fence, don't jump it and go ahead and purchase Flight Aware's Dongle and Antenna's. I'm not being paid by Flight Aware to say this but I figure I should be at this point. lmao I just ordered more dongles from them and antennas to place at my other residences around the SE USA. lol